i4 DamSafety

Integrated & Intelligent Integrity Instrumentation for dam safety

Eijkelkamp | Instrumentation and data delivery for environmental and geotechnical monitoring

  • Geological and geotechnical sampling equipment
  • In-situ-geotechnical testing equipment (CPT)
  • Sensor supply and calibration
  • Data management and online visualization


Royal Eijkelkamp B.V.
Mr. Cor Verbruggen
telephone: +31 (0)313 880 269
mobile: +31 (0)6 51298646
e-mail: c.verbruggen@eijkelkamp.com

Horizonte Mineiro | Sonic Drilling, drilling applications for tailing dams to acquire high quality samples and sensors installation

  • Sonic drilling
  • CPT testing
  • Sonic CPT testing
  • Installation of sensors
  • Local presence and representing I4 Dam Safety in Brazil
Sonic test 2019 at Tailing Storage Facility in Brazil


Horizonte Mineiro Serviços Geológicos LTDA
Mr. Salvatore Scervini
telephone: +55 (31) 97540 0054
e-mail: salvatore.scervini@horizontemineiro.com.br

CRUX | Geotechnical Engineering, Monitoring and RISK management

  • Geotechnical design
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring plans
  • Soil improvement
  • Hydrogeology


Crux Engineering B.V.
Mr. Jacco Haasnoot
telephone +31 (0)20 4943070
mobile +31 (0)6 48936558
e-mail: info@cruxbv.nl

Cohere | Integrated view of tailing storage facilities

  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Engineering geological field survey
  • 3D geological and geotechnical modeling
Samarco failure November 2015, Fundão dam (Mariana)


Cohere Consultants V.O.F.
Mr. Siefko Slob
mobile: +31 (0)6 86835505
e-mail: info@cohereconsult.com

Intech | Innovative remote sensing monitoring systems for dams and dikes

  • 4D deformation monitoring services
  • 3D Inspection services
  • Piping detection
  • Monitoring equipment and software
  • Training and education
Deformation monitoring with laserscanning


Intech B.V.
Mr. Onne Rösingh
mobile: +31 (0)6 46202166
e-mail: rosingh@InTech.nl

Geoapp | Data analytics services and webplatforms for the prediction of failure conditions

  • Design of integrated monitoring programs with early warning purposes based on multiple technologies, e.g. satellite InSAR, radar, prisms, GNSS, geotechnical sensors, micro-seismic networks.
  • Review of multiple monitoring data with predictive analysis to identify anomalous behaviors and imminent failure conditions.
  • Analysis of changes in soil moisture, vegetation coverage and water levels of tailings dams based on optical satellite images.
  • Training programs on geotechnical monitoring for tailings dams.
InSAR analyis of the Cadia Mine, Australia. A velocity and inverse velocity analysis of the fastest InSAR measurement points to predict the time of failure of the dam collapse.


Paolo Farina
Managing Director
Geoapp s.r.l.| Firenze - Italia
telephone: +39.055.3985.470
mobile: +39.320.4395.890
e-mail: paolo.farina@geoapp.it