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Demonstration sonic drilling

Horizonte Mineiro, Eijkelkamp partner in Brazil, carried over several tests from July 2019 up to date to demonstrate the potential of the Sonic technology to mining clients with interest in different commodities (iron ore, niobium, bauxite, kaolin, etc.) and located in different geographies within the Brazilian territory.

The drilling tests had a high grade of success and they focused either on mining exploration and/or tailing dams. Most of the tests were executed as dry tests, without use of any water or drilling fluids. Other tests used just water or air only. All the tests performed on tailing dams were dry, without any drilling fluid, obtaining high core recovery and high penetration rate.

In certain occasion Sonic Drilling was compared to traditional drilling technology tested on the same location. We can state that sonic drilling achieved undoubtedly superior quality than any other drilling technology on tailing dams.

Horizonte Mineiro is also importing a Drill´n CPT unit that will be coupled to the sonic drilling rig, allowing even bigger benefits for geotechnical surveys in order to have one rig only to provide drilling services, CPTu or both, using just one rig. Crews are also trained to achieve more within less operating time and with less people. Magnetic or traditional rod handlers can also be mae available under request. Less personnel means also a reduction in risk exposure and then a safer operation.

Some pictures of samples taken during the sonic drilling services: