i4 DamSafety

Integrated & Intelligent Integrity Instrumentation for dam safety

Consortium of highly specialised international companies for mine Tailing Storage Facilities

i4 DamSafety is a unique combination of highly specialised Dutch, Italian and Brazilian companies. We offer an integrated, intelligent approach for geotechnical integrity assessment and instrumentation management of tailing dam facilities. Our consortium includes Brazilian expertise on innovative sonic drilling and sampling as well as installation of sensors. Dutch expertise on flood- and geotechnical risk assessment associated with dams and dikes and Italian expertise on remote sensing monitoring technologies and data interpretation.

Our brochure

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i4 DamSafety is a concept for Integrated & Intelligent Integrity Instrumentation for dam safety. It is developed by a consortium of Dutch, Italian and Brazilian companies with state-of-the art and unique combination of experiences in:

• geological analysis and modeling
• geotechnical risk analysis
• geotechnical investigations: soil and rock sampling
• geohydrological and soil instrumentation and monitoring
• data analysis and risk management

For more information:

contact the Netherlands
Mr. Cor Verbruggen (Eijkelkamp)
telephone: +31 (0)313 880 269
mobile: +31 (0)6 51 29 86 46
e-mail: c.verbruggen@eijkelkamp.com

contact Brazil
Mr. Salvatore Scervini (Horizonte Mineiro)
telephone: +55 (31) 975 40 00 54
e-mail: salvatore.scervini@horizontemineiro.com.br

contact Italy
Mr. Paolo Farina (GeoApp)
telephone: +39 (0)55 398 54 70
mobile: +39 (0)320 439 58 90
e-mail: paolo.farina@geoapp.it